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Watch online - Webinar on visiting care homes, hospitals and hospices

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Visits from family and loved one’s are an important part of life when living in care settings. During the pandemic the challenges faced by both families and those living in care facilities were huge. We want to make sure, whenever possible, everyone has access to those they want to spend time with. I know all care providers do their utmost to facilitate such visits and we want to help them make that happen. 

Earlier this year, legislation came into force to make visiting and accompanying residents and patients a Care Quality Commission (CQC) fundamental standard for care homes, hospitals and hospices. This means relevant health and care providers must allow visitors unless there are exceptional circumstances.  

It is crucial for residents to receive visitors as it has a positive impact on their health and wellbeing. After all, having an in-person connection with loved ones is vital to feel supported and connected to families and communities. 

In this webinar, we explain more about the legislation and what it requires of care providers.  

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