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Demonstrating leadership in mental health

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There are have been a number of landmark events in the mental health calendar in recent months: the launch of the mental health action plan (Closing the Gap), the Crisis Care Concordat and a review into police powers and the mental health act.

Though varying in scope, these and other major announcements share a common purpose; to raise the quality and provision of mental health services, improve safeguards for those experiencing psychological trauma, and place mental health on the same footing as physical health.

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It makes this country’s hosting of the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) event in Manchester a timely opportunity to showcase recent achievements. Around 350 leaders will attend the event including clinical leaders, chief executives, and senior academics.

Approximately half the attendees will come from abroad, so this is a useful opportunity to speak ‘country to country and sector to sector’ comparing and contrasting varied approaches and attitudes.

The IIMHL event is also a rare but effective opportunity for health organisations to link with international leaders. This year’s topics include speeches and discussions around personalisation, early intervention and the relationship between mental health and the justice system.

It will also be an opportunity to discuss and advance the work of the International Initiative for Disability Leadership with which this conference is shared.

As the Department of Health is a founding member of the IIMHL - and this year’s event takes place on home soil - Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb will deliver the closing address, where he is expected to reaffirm the sector’s commitment to international collaboration and innovation.

Find out more on the IIMHL website.

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  1. Comment by Pearl Baker posted on

    I am totally confused! I understood that the Care Act 2014 is an Act in Law! so why am I looking at a Memorandum of Understanding Care Bill Implementation Grant 2014/15!

    'Participation in the implementation stocktakes' 'The purpose of the stocktakes are to help local authorities assess readiness to implement their statutory duties under the Care Bill from April 2015

    Can somebody clarify what is and what is not applicable in the Care Act May 2014 at this present time.

    • Replies to Pearl Baker>

      Comment by Mark Osterloh posted on

      Hi Pearl - a bit confused this end too. You've submitted your comment to our post on 'Demonstrating leadership in Mental Health'. Can you verify the specific blog and blog post to which you are referring and I will investigate further.
      Mark (Social Care News Editor)

  2. Comment by termite posted on

    Like Care in the Community, it all looks good on paper but actually means nothing to the patient.

    It is just posh sounding jobs for the boys but nothing in reality.

    Psychiatrists issue prescriptions and not much else, nobody looks at root problems, we have to be sick by appointment because when you really need help, the office is closed or they are out on another job.

    I was suicidal but told by the crisis team they could help me fill out forms for DLA, that is there idea of help!

    Some folk don't have a clue about the real issues of mental health, just as long as they make reports look good, that is all that matters.

    On CQC visits, chairs are rearranged to look more homely, extra staff is laid on and patients told to be on their best behaviour ... that is how poor services get excellent ratings.

  3. Comment by Pearl Baker posted on

    Thought another comment was due. Having been a carer for nearly thirty years, providing crisis and emergency care and support, in just about every scenario you could imagine. My request for a Carers Assessment was refused on the grounds. 'We do accept you do provide care and support' unfortunately not 'substantial' as this is provided by the LA contracted Private Management Company. Interesting, they do not provide a service in the evenings or weekends. Thank goodness we were at home, when a fire in a residents flat, resulted in the fire service escorting the residents to the street in the middle of the night. The fire service had no idea who to contact.

    My son was brought home to us by a friendly neighbour.

    The Care Act 2014 has changed the criteria for a carers assessment from 'substantial', unfortunately the LA are just ignoring this Act, and you cannot do a thing about it.

    My contact with a number of patients today, confirmed many have been informed they will no longer have a 'key' worker, ( Social Workers or CPN), and nothing to do all day.