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This blog post was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

Mental health crisis care concordat receives high level endorsement

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Listen to Minister for Care and Support Norman Lamb, Metropolitan Police Commander Christine Jones and former boxer, now campaigner on mental health issues, Frank Bruno endorse the Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat's aims on a visit to an NHS trust crisis resolution unit in Greenwich.

Meanwhile, Director General for Social Care Jon Rouse blogs on why the Concordat is so badly needed. Why should a crisis of the mind be any less urgent than physical trauma and how can we work together to make sure police cells are not the only option?

Frank, Christine and Norman
(L-R) Frank Bruno, Metropolitan Police Commander Christine Jones, and Care & Support Minister Norman Lamb unite in their support








Read the Concordat and share your views on this new commitment to improve care and support for those in crisis.

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1 comment

  1. Comment by Shurleea posted on

    Psychiatrists diagnose via a multiple choice quiz (ICD10) and the manage using the BNF.

    Buy an ICD10 and a BNF and anyone can be a psychiatrist!

    It is time they started to look at the root causes and dealt with them rather than continually hand out medication , with all the side affects, taking meds is worse than the illness itself.

    You can see your GP just by ringing fro an appointment.
    To see a psychiatrist, they decide if they want to see you!

    Patients should be able to see a psychiatrist in the same way that they make an appointment to see their GP.

    Mental health has always been on the scrap heap of health care, other than the removal of some of the nasty treatments, mental health care is worst now than it was in the 50's.

    Staff are only interested in promotion, time is spent filling in bits of paper, whilst patients are locked in stuffy rooms expected top play silly childlike games.

    Mental health patients do have a brain, they are not stupid, but they do keep a lot of people in work and provide a fantastic income fro drug companies!