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This blog post was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

New report sets out long term vision for better mental health

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The Department of Health has published a new report setting out the government’s plans to improve access to mental health care services.

Significantly, it introduces the intention to roll out national waiting time standards for the first time by April 2015.

New waiting times standards for mental health treatment are to be introduced
New waiting times standards for mental health treatment are to be introduced

The report also takes a forward look, establishing its vision for better access to mental health services over the next five years, a vision which seeks to place mental and physical health services on an equal footing – for those receiving and providing them.

Indeed, this is the aspiration of our Care and Support Minister, Norman Lamb:

"I want to build a fairer society and that means mental health has got to be a priority for everyone… I am absolutely determined to make sure anyone with a mental health condition can expect the same standards of care as they would for a physical health problem."

Take a look at the report and, whether a service user or provider, why not share your thoughts with us using the comments facility at the bottom of this page?


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  1. Comment by EG posted on

    Everything said in this report is needed but am doubtful that such change can be achieved in practice after so many years of under-investment and under-prioritisation. I have personal experience of lack of help with mental health issues. My sister in law has been waiting for help with depression for months. She's gone from being a homeowner with a full time job ot being unemployed, living back at home with her parents. She hasn't even had an initial assessment and we've been told that there's a one year waiting list for CBT. The answer to everything seems to be 'we don't have the funding'....

  2. Comment by Pearl Baker posted on

    I will read the report later, as until the powers that be understand that nothing can improve the service or the system until it is totally 'integrated, hopefully my attendance at TheKingsFund conference on 'integration' will take it forward.

    The CQC has a part to play. It would start with the Inspection of GP Practices. They should be looking at patients subject to section 117 CPA plans. This would be an excellent start. They would need to understand the relevant Policies and the Care Act 2014 word for word.

    I would also suggest that specialist like myself are recruited in this suggestion.

    My suggestions to Reading University, in how their training of Pharmacists could be improved to the advantage of the community was accepted and now incorporated into their teaching programme.

    The problem being this is not being shared amongst other University's.

    • Replies to Pearl Baker>

      Comment by Dennis Laity posted on

      Another report on future promises???

      Why not look at a training program that works, has been developed by service users, used in FREE workshops which and has already helped hundreds of people.

      This concept could rolled out across the UK NOW
      It would help individuals and families
      Help to reduce Stress and absenteeism from work
      Save business and the NHS billions

      Please look at our website and if you really would like a solution to a major problem contact me on 02920886632