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Carl Thompson

Professor Carl Thompson

Professor Carl Thompson is an applied health services researcher, implementation scientist and nurse at the University of Leeds.

Many of his 130+ peer-reviewed articles, and projects in his £25m of research, focus on the choices and judgements needed to improve quality of care and adopt health technologies in health and social care contexts – including care homes.

He is a proud member of the Leeds-NICHE “Living Lab” care home-university research partnership led by Professor Karen Spilsbury.

Managing infections - don’t forget about the indoor air in your care home

Big ventilation fan being maintained

As winter takes hold, it is tempting to try and keep residents warm and fuel costs lower by hunkering down until the weather gets warmer. But keeping all the windows and doors shut may not be the best idea: homes need ventilation and care homes are no different. Professor Cath Noakes and fellow experts give the reasons a good airing...