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  1. Comment by T P J Cooper posted on

    Insufficient thought has been given or allowance made for those providers who are not convinced that this will deliver the massive benefits promised and do not wish to be forced to comply with yet another top down directive that will cost much for little genuine benefit. Many small providers with long established paper systems take the view that (a) if it ain't broke don't fix it and (b) surrendering confidential information to official bodies would be highly risky given the record of government and quangos in mishandling information and are rightly suspicious of how secure it all will be. I also do not like the threatening tone emanating from the grossly intrusive Care Quality Commission, a body whose members seem to believe that they can bypass the legislature by setting up and enforcing their supposedly progressive policies despite the fact that no new law has been passed by Parliament and has a history of ignoring feedback from providers gleaned during its window dressing "consultations".

  2. Comment by Perhotelan posted on

    What are the main objectives that have been achieved from the Social Care Digitization program and what are the perceived outcomes of the program?