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Why Professional Care Workers' Week matters

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Celebrating the best of the care sector

As the much-anticipated Professional Care Workers’ Week in 2023 gets underway, I am thrilled to share why The Care Workers Charity promotes this vital week of awareness and appreciation.

Professional Care Workers’ Week is an annual celebration of care workers and their essential work, created to promote awareness and raise the profile of care workers in the UK. This year, the event takes place from September 18th to September 22nd, offering an exciting virtual program filled with engaging panels and informative sessions.

The best part? Participation is entirely free, and you can join from anywhere worldwide. We warmly invite those working within the care sector and anyone wanting to get involved.

Helen Whately, Minister for Social Care expresses her support.
Helen Whately, Minister for Social Care, expresses her support in this video for Professional Care Workers' Week.

Why “Professional” Care Workers’ Week?

The name "Professional" Care Workers’ Week represents a vision for the future of care in the UK. Professionalisation means recognising the diverse skills people bring to the role and the responsibility they take on. It is about more than a qualification or certificate – it should also come with at least a Real Living Wage as per the living Wage Foundation, opportunities to develop, and recognition of their immense value to society and the economy.

For people who draw on care and support, professionalisation means higher levels of trust and knowing what to do if the relationship is not working. It means safety, accountability, and transparency.

For us, Professional Care Workers’ Week is an opportunity to raise the profile of care workers in the UK and highlight their fantastic work while providing opportunities for learning and sharing best practices.

Navigating the week's activities

Collaboration lies at the heart of Professional Care Workers’ Week, providing a platform for sharing best practices, personal experiences, and open discussions on critical topics such as well-being, workforce skills, the cost-of-living crisis, and strategies to support care workers.

Monday we kick off with a series of talks delving into everything from transforming society's perception of social care to examining how we show appreciation when things go right and address burnout sensitively when they do not.

Tuesday features a roundtable discussion with sector leaders focusing on the social care workforce and its future. Following that a round table of care workers to share their views about their own future.

Wednesday offers a well-being webinar to nurture the mental and emotional health of care workers, and Thursday invites you to join us in fundraising efforts with an afternoon tea dedicated to The Care Workers Charity.

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"As we embark upon Professional Care Workers’ Week 2023, let us unite in celebration, recognition, and appreciation for the remarkable individuals who form the backbone of our care system." [Image created by]

Becoming part of the movement

Beyond discussions, panels, and best practice exchanges, Professional Care Workers Week is a celebration—a heartfelt tribute to the unwavering dedication of care workers across the UK who tirelessly support those in need, irrespective of their own challenges.

Participation in PCWW is not just for care providers. It extends a welcome to everyone who believes in the ethos of professionalisation within the social care sector. It symbolises a call for change, a recognition of the professionalism inherently embedded in care work.

As we embark upon Professional Care Workers’ Week 2023, let us unite in celebration, recognition, and appreciation for the remarkable individuals who form the backbone of our care system. Together, we can drive positive change and build a future where care workers are rightfully acknowledged as the skilled professionals they are.

Join us

Don't forget to tag us on social media and use the hashtag #PCWW23 to share your experiences. You can view the entire program and book your free tickets for any of the events by following this link.

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