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New survey puts joined up care on the record

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Series of boxes arranged in a circle with arrows pointing to a larger boe at the centre with a red outline - signifying joined up care
Sharing standardised information across systems and organisations will spur joined up health and care.

Setting the record straight

We know that information sharing between health and social care needs to improve and that's why we at the Professional Record Standards Body, the independent advocate for better care records on behalf of patients and professionals, are asking for your help to complete a new survey.

We’ve been asked by NHS England to define what information should be shared digitally when you move from one health or care service to another.  This survey will help us do that. The results will then be piloted before roll-out across the UK.

Once it’s put into action, this will help social care professionals, doctors, nurses and others, to provide better, safer care. And it will help people play a bigger part in managing their own health and care.

Tape measure unfurled
The PRSB is getting the measure of inconsistent records with this important survey.

One size fits all

It also means that professionals can have access to the information they need at the right time. A standardised format means information can be shared between different systems with no loss of accuracy or meaning.

The draft standard in this survey has been developed following extensive consultation with health and care professionals, service providers, patients, carers and other citizens. We understand, in particular, the importance of working with care professionals to make sure everything we develop is fit for purpose.

We’re seeking a wide range of opinions and responses and we’d be very grateful if you could complete the survey.  We always value the opinions of anyone involved in health and care services, including patients and carers.

The survey is open until 30 April and will take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

You can find the survey here.



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  1. Comment by Peter Edwards posted on

    I am a Psychotherapist in private practice. I would rather work within the NHS and provide care free at the point of use, but current NHS funding and therapy systems/standards prevent this. I do however (along with many other private therapy providers) take pressure off NHS provision. Some of my clients also receive NHS care, however inadequate to meet their full needs. It might be helpful if information could be shared with client permission, to help integrate the various elements of care. I am also a Trustee of a Charity providing support to people in contact with the justice system - 75% of whom have an identified mental health difficulties: the same issue also arises in connection with users of this service. Over and over again, service users ask for joined up support; the NHS has an entrenched 'not invented here so it doesn't matter' attitude. It is time to put that under closer scrutiny. The privatisation of NHS provision will only make this problem worse. I recognise this is a complex issue, but we must do better.