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New Health Foundation resource breaks down health and social care funding

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We don't often post straight news stories or announcements on the Social Care News blog, but we will make the exception when we come across something useful and interesting. Over to the Health Foundation and their launch of a new online resource clarifying the current and possible future state of health and social care funding in the UK...

The UK currently spends over £140bn a year on public provision of health and over £20bn on social care. But how does that break down and how has spending changed over time?

Health and social care funding explained, the new online resource from the Health Foundation, illustrates some of the key past, present and future trends in funding and activity across the UK and in England.

It answers questions including:

  • How has spending on health changed over different parliaments?
  • How does the UK’s spending on health compare to other European countries?
  • How do health and social care spending differ between the four countries in the UK?​

A slidepack is also available to download, should you wish to use the charts to illustrate your work.

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